How We Approach Water Damage


With the recent flooding here in Windsor, we thought it would be fitting to discuss how restoration companies in Windsor approach water damage.

Every restoration company has a clear set of procedures for any work situation, including water damage. There is a large difference between a plumbing leak and a flood and they both bring different challenges to the job.

That being said, the objectives are the same in every instance. The goal is to clean up any debris and trash, remove the destroyed materials and dry the property so its save to live in again.

Efficient cleanup of flood damage requires a variety of skills; many of which are only learned by qualified industry experts. This is why it’s recommended that homeowners only consider companies that are certified and experienced.

So how do restoration companies approach water damage?

Although the initial reaction would be to save as much as possible, technicians first need to survey the property to determine the extent of the problem. If called early enough, they may be able to save flooring, furniture, appliances and other expensive items that a homeowner will not want to replace.

Technicians will be able to use a number of meters to detect the level of moisture in the home and various objects. These moisture readings will help a technician determine what tools and equipment will be needed to dry the home and approximately how long it will take.

Once the technicians size up the situation, they will remove any pooled moisture. They are able to use commercial extractors to gather pooled water and embedded moisture.

Drying is the most important part of the process and will be the main focus. Materials left in water, can be damaged beyond repair. The drying process is handled with a number of high-speed fans and dehumidifiers and additional pieces of equipment when necessary.

Water damage restoration services help to eliminate any viruses like staph, mould or bacteria that is left behind by a flood or sewage backflow.

After a few days, your building should be dry, odour free and safe, allowing home or business owners to return back to their normal lives again.