8 Things You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Basement or Garage


Always make sure to stay up to date with what you’re storing away. It is easy to forget about what you might be keeping in your basement or garage so it’s important to take a closer look every so often. Often, people cannot even fit their car in their garage due to clutter. Within this clutter, some may be keeping things that pose large health risks or hazards, and they don’t even know it. Here is a list of things you should never keep in your basement or garage so that you and those around you, stay safe.

  1. Propane TanksIf the tank leaks and is exposed to gas from a furnace, car or electric panel could be disastrous. If a fire breaks out it can cause an explosion. Propane should be stored outdoors on a flat surface away from flames.
  2. Natural FabricsHumidity can cause mold to form on the material.
  3. FurnitureFurniture made of wood will warp in humid temperatures. Upholstered furniture can mold in humid temperatures. Rodents can build nests in cushioned chairs and couches.
  4. RefrigeratorNot all refrigerators can handle extreme cold or heat in the peak of seasons and will break down. You need to invest in a certain fridge that can handle all temperatures.
  5. Important Books or PhotosImportant documents should always be kept in a location where they are secure to keep them away from burglars, nosy guests or even water damage.
  6. Leftover Paint and Cleaning ProductsFire hazard when paint is left near potential gas. Look for the nearest hazardous waste location to get rid of chemicals you no longer need or use.
  7. Extra FirewoodPiles of wood attract insects and rodents. Humidity can make it hard for the wood to dry out for your fireplace or campfire.
  8. Candles, Wine and other Sensitive to Temperature ItemsParts of your home that do not have the best climate control can affect electronics, wine, and candles among other items. Considering these are temperature sensitive items if the temperature fluctuates it can cause damage to those items.