With High Water Levels & Flooding Expected, Now’s a Great Time for Windsor Basement Waterproofing


With high water levels continuing across Windsor and Essex County, the risk of flooding continues to be a concern in Windsor, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, and towns across our region. With higher than normal water levels comes an increased risk of basement flooding in the near future, and that can cause serious damage and headaches for homeowners. To help prevent water from getting in your basement now and down the road, talk to Supreme Restoration. We offer complete basement waterproofing in Windsor and the surrounding areas.

Basement Waterproofing in Windsor and Essex County

Windsor basement waterproofing services from Supreme Restoration are a great way to get your basement ready for the increased water and rain levels in the area. With our reliable waterproofing method, we can keep your basement dry, keep water out and help prevent mold from forming. When you contact Supreme Restoration for a free assessment, we will inspect your basement and property to identify what you need to keep the water out of your basement with the increased water levels that Essex County is facing.

The higher water levels and increased rainfall can be even more of a problem if you have any of the common risk factors for a flooded basement. You could already be at a higher risk for basement flooding if you have foundation cracks, leaky plumbing, clogged or broken gutters or downspouts, blocked drains, poor grading around the house foundation or window wells or other drainage problems. Our experienced team can find and fix the issues that make you more susceptible to basement flooding at your home.

Emergency 24/7 Sump Pump Service

A working sump pump is one of the most important tools to keep your basement from flooding. With higher water levels and heavy rainfall, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your sump pump is ready and working its best. At Supreme Restoration, we offer emergency 24/7 sump pump service in Windsor and Essex County. This means that if your sump pump fails, no matter when it happens, we have crews standing by ready to help. If you need emergency sump pump service at your home, call 1-877-987-7363.

Learn More About How We Can Waterproof Your Basement

The best way to deal with the risk of flooding in your basement is to stop it before it happens. A basement that takes on water can reduce the value of your home, damage your foundation and lead to mold growth. Talk to us about how you can protect your home and keep your basement safer and more livable.

To find out more about our basement waterproofing in Windsor and Essex County, contact Supreme Restoration today or call us at 1-877-987-7363.