Basement Waterproofing This Spring


Spring is here again, and with it comes warmer temperatures and the potential for heavier rainfall. This season can be one of the worst of the year for your basement if it’s prone to letting water in, and even a little water entering your basement can lead to more serious problems over time. If you’re worried about your basement taking on water, talk to Supreme Services about basement waterproofing in Windsor and Essex County.

The start of warmer temperatures is usually accompanied by a spring thaw, where the moisture that was frozen in the ground starts to move again. This can lead to waterlogged soil and more moisture getting into your basement. When combined with the extra rainfall that can happen at this time of year, this puts extra pressure on your basement and can lead to more water getting in.

If you had water getting into your basement last year, now is the perfect time to get ahead of it happening again (and getting worse) with our basement waterproofing services. Over time, cracks and foundation issues will normally get worse when left untreated, leading to a higher volume of water getting into the basement over time. If water getting into your basement in the past has lead to damage and problems like mould, we are ready to help get the damage cleaned up and with mould removal services.

Complete Basement Waterproofing in Windsor-Essex County

There are a wide range of issues that can lead to water getting into the lowest level of your home, so we offer comprehensive solutions to waterproof your basement.Our basement waterproofing services include installation of drain tile systems, foundation repairs, sump pump repairs and installation, reinforcement of foundation walls and more.

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