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Property Restoration Services for Investors

by | Jul 21, 2023 | General, Restoration

If you’re a real estate investor in Windsor and Essex County, and you have a property that’s in need of repair either for resale or to have it ready for tenants and to maximize the rent you can get from it, or to maintain it properly for the tenants who are already living there, Supreme Services is here to help! With our complete property restoration and handyman services, we can take care of a wide range of jobs around your investment property to keep it in the best shape possible and help you maximize your investment. 

Home Restoration and Repair Services in Windsor-Essex 

Keeping a home in good condition can involve a wide range of jobs that range from simple maintenance to large-scale repairs. Whether you need help with smaller jobs around the property, or are looking for help with a larger project, our handyperson team is here to help. We can assist with jobs around the interior and exterior of your property, and you can be confident that our experienced team will get the job done quickly and correctly. Talk to us about your painting, plumbing, drywall repair, carpentry, flooring, outdoor repair, and home cleaning needs today!

Our handypersons services are perfect for maintaining a house with tenants in it, getting it looking great for prospective tenants, or for making your property shine as you prepare to put it up for sale. 

Emergency and Environmental Restoration 

In the event of an emergency or environmental issue at your property, count on the team at Supreme Services. Our emergency restoration team can help clean up and repair your property after a fire, flood, traumatic event, or other emergency.

We’re also experts at environmental cleanup for properties of all types, and can help with mould removal and asbestos removal in Windsor and Essex County. We’re ready to help take care of the problem quickly and safely, and with minimal disruption to you or your tenants.

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