The Health Risks of Hoarding


Hoarding does more than just make a space harder to move around in – as objects and debris start to pile up in a space, a number of health risks can come with them. If you’re dealing with the dangers that come with hoarding or need reliable, professional help to get a hoarder situation cleaned up, count on Supreme Services to take care of the problem safely and thoroughly. We proudly offer hoarder cleanup services in Windsor and Essex County.

Hazards Associated with Hoarding

There are a number of health risks that come along with hoarding, the most obvious one being how it restricts getting around on a property. When you have a crowded space with a larger number of items getting in the way, the possibility of slips, falls, and stepping on something hazardous goes up considerably. A constricted space can also be much harder to exit in the event of an emergency, adding to the hazards that come with hoarding. Dangerous debris like broken glass or chemicals come with their own risks, and needs to be cleaned up thoroughly in order to have a safe property again.

Hoarding can also bring with it hazards that need special treatment, including blood or fluids that require decontamination to fully remove, mould or water damage from a damaged or poorly maintained space, and odours from food or other substances left in the space that were not properly cleaned up.

Hoarder Cleanup Services in Windsor and Essex County

For fast, thorough hoarder cleaning in Windsor and Essex County, talk to Supreme Services. With our wide range of in-house experts in all aspects of property restoration, we can take the stress out of cleaning up a hoarding situation. From removing the junk and debris to biohazard decontamination, trauma scene cleanup, and property restoration services, we can take care of the situation from start to finish. To find out more and to discuss your particular needs, call Supreme Services today at (519) 946-0363 or request an assessment today!

Windsor Hoarder Cleaning is just one of the services we offer. Supreme Services also specializes in mould removal, asbestos removal, water and fire damage cleanup, home renovations, facility maintenance and more.