Windsor Hoarder Cleanup from Supreme Services


Hoarding, the behaviour of accumulating and storing a large volume of possessions in a home, can lead to a cluttered and potentially unsafe environment. If you’re trying to clean up a property where hoarding has happened, it can be difficult, stressful, and potentially hazardous to work through. A great alternative to taking on this immense challenge yourself is to get hoarder cleanup services in Windsor and Essex County from Supreme Services. Our professional hoarder cleaning team is there to remove the mess safely and completely, remove any contamination that happened as a result of the hoarding, and create a much healthier, cleaner environment on the property. 

Complete Hoarder Cleanup in Windsor and Essex County

The primary issue when cleaning up after a hoarder is removing the possessions left in the home. Our team will remove and safely dispose of the items that are clogging up the property, making it much easier to navigate. This includes properly disposing of items that pose serious risks to those entering the property, like broken glass, items blocking ventilation systems, tripping hazards, and more.

Hoarding often comes with different forms of contamination that need to be addressed, too – mould growth from food and moisture can happen, and biohazards like blood, feces, and pathogens can often be found in these cases. The trained technicians at Supreme Environmental Services can thoroughly clean and disinfect the property to remove any biohazards that are present, and we are Windsor mould removal specialists and can get rid of any mould growth that has happened while helping to prevent it from coming back. 

Learn More About Windsor Hoarder Cleaning 

Hoarder cleanup can be a long process, often taking several days or even weeks to complete. If it’s not done by trained professionals, you can’t be sure that the property is completely clean. To find out more about hoarder cleaning services in Windsor and Essex County, contact Supreme Services today.