What does Hoarder Cleaning entail?


Hoarding can put individuals and their family members at serious risk of health and safety issues. Dangerous clutter blocking exits or heating vents poses a fire hazard. Here are five reasons why you should hire professional Hoarder Cleaning Services.

1. Labour Intensive Work

Hoarder cleaning requires handling large amounts of heavy trash, sorting through extreme clutter, as well as sanitizing and deodorizing the entire house. Depending on the extent of the job, this task can take several days, or even weeks, to complete.

2. Biohazard Contamination

Hoarder cleaning often involves biohazard contamination, which exposes a person to severe sanitation issues. Animal or human feces, body fluids and rodent infestation can also result in respiratory and other health problems.

Ammonia levels from accumulations of urine and feces can easily exceed maximum occupational exposure limits and become a biohazard site. Exposing yourself to these conditions, including pathogens such as bacteria and fungus, without the right knowledge and protection is extremely dangerous.

Only reputable companies with certified technicians in mould and biohazard remediation can provide you with professional help.

3. Pests and Rodents

Hoarder cleaning frequently requires the removal of pests and rodents. The decomposing materials and rotting foods may attract rats, mice, cockroaches, flies, and other pests to the house. These pests and rodents are biological agents that spread diseases to animals and humans living and/or working in these unsanitary conditions. This means you would need to conduct a fumigation exercise, which can only be done by a licensed cleaning company.

4. Mould Growth

Excessive clutter in the home limits airflow and ventilation creating the ideal conditions for fungus and microbials to grow. The accumulation of items in the house also makes it impossible to detect water intrusion. Moisture, dirt and debris provide the environment for toxic mould spores to live and multiply.

Mould growth can eventually affect the house’s structural integrity, becoming a health hazard to the occupants. Mould removal is an exercise that should only be handled by professionals.

5. Professional Equipment and Supplies

Hoarder cleaning requires the use of specialized cleaning equipment and supplies to accomplish the job effectively. These items include regulatory PPE, industrial cleansers and disinfectants, HEPA vacuum cleaners, ozone machines and other commercial cleaning tools and equipment.

Professional hoarder and biohazard cleaning technicians are specially trained to handle these supplies and operate the equipment. You would also need to know where to dispose of biohazard trash.

As you can see, a hoarding or biohazard cleanup is a dangerous exercise that needs to be handled with extreme care and professionalism. Instead of taking chances to do it yourself, or to hire a non-certified junk remover, use a professional hoarder cleaning service to ensure the job is done effectively.

At Supreme Services we provide high-quality and reliable hoarder cleaning services. Our technicians have the needed skills and experience to handle all your cleanup needs. For more information on hoarder cleaning or biohazard cleaning visit our trauma scene cleanup page  or call 519-946-0363.