Windsor Commercial Deep Cleaning Services


With more people working back at the office and other workplaces now, making sure you can offer a safe environment for your employees and staff is even more important than ever. To create a healthier and safer working environment, contact Supreme Services to talk about commercial deep cleaning in Windsor and Essex County for your business.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services in Windsor

Supreme Services offers complete home and office sanitizing services with the Aegis Microbe Shield, which provides outstanding protection against germs and bacteria on all types of surfaces. In conjunction with regular cleaning and good health and safety practices, the Aegis Microbe Shield helps to inhibit the growth and transfer of viruses and bacteria in your home or office.

Our commercial deep cleaning process doesn’t make use of toxic chemicals or poisons, and it delivers ongoing, long-term protection so you, your team and your customers continue to be protected from harmful viruses that live on surfaces around your office or other commercial space.

Virus Protection for Commercial Buildings in Windsor-Essex

Commercial deep cleaning from Supreme Services is perfect for a wide variety of commercial establishments and institutions, including offices, gyms and sports facilities, hotels, schools, and any other heavily trafficked places. The Aegis Microbe Shield is a great option for protecting against virus transmission on high-touch surfaces like doors and elevators, office equipment, furniture and carpets, in your HVAC system and more. Get far-reaching protection for your building against germs and bacteria from Supreme Services.

Contact Supreme Services to Learn More About Commercial Virus Protection

To learn more about our commercial deep cleaning and virus protection services for your business, call Supreme Services at (519) 946-0363 or request an assessment from one of our commercial deep cleaning professionals. We proudly provide service for customers across Windsor and Essex County.