Commercial Asbestos Removal in Windsor-Essex County


Did you know that asbestos was commonly used in many types of commercial buildings up until the 1980s? Asbestos was commonly used in many factories and industrial buildings as insulation in pipes, ceilings, and more, but it can also be present in almost any other type of older commercial building.

Asbestos poses a number of health risks when it’s disturbed, including the potential to cause a form of lung cancer and other respiratory problems if the fibres get in the air.  If you are considering doing any renovations on your commercial property and are concerned about asbestos, contact Supreme Services. We offer complete commercial asbestos abatement in Windsor and Essex County.

Windsor-Essex Asbestos Assessment

Many businesses aren’t sure if they have asbestos in their building. Asbestos can be found in pipes, roofing, siding, insulation, flooring, and in a number of other places throughout your property. While the age of your building can be a  reason to suspect you could have asbestos if it was constructed before the early eighties, there are no odours or definite visual indicators that you have an asbestos problem.

The best way to know for sure is to get expert asbestos testing done by licensed asbestos professionals like the ones at Supreme Services. If your building is in Windsor-Essex County, we can provide you with an asbestos assessment and let you know what we can do to help find and remove any asbestos that might be present in your commercial building.

Contact Supreme Services for Asbestos Removal in Windsor-Essex

If your building could have asbestos in it, it’s important to know before you do any kind of renovation or work that could disturb it. To find out more and to request an asbestos assessment, contact Supreme Services, or call us at 519.946.0363 today!