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Complete Trauma Scene Cleanup in Windsor-Essex

by | Dec 10, 2020 | General, Restoration

In the event of a traumatic event on your property, it’s important to know where to turn for help in cleaning up the damage and residue. In most cases, in the event of a death or serious injury, a surface-level cleaning isn’t enough to ensure that the risk is mitigated – instead, this type of cleaning and restoration requires an experienced team that knows how to remove not only the damage and obvious hazards, but also the microbes and bacteria that can go with it. If you need trauma scene cleanup services in Windsor and Essex County, contact the team at Supreme Restoration.

Trauma Scene Cleanup in Windsor and Essex County

Trauma scenes can include any situation where a death or violent injury has occurred. Blood and other material from the body can leave behind bacteria and dangerous biohazards that need to be professionally removed before the space is safe to occupy again. Our team has experience in deep cleaning surfaces where a trauma has occurred, and our technicians are certified to handle the cleanup and decontamination of areas that have been subjected to biohazardous materials.

In many cases, these scenes can also be accompanied by property damage. We have experts in property restoration services than can clean up any accompanying damage to the property itself in addition to decontaminating the area, helping to ensure that the scene is cleaned up as quickly and safely as possible.

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Situations involving biohazard cleanup require experience, tact and fast action to get the situation taken care of as quickly as possible. To find out more about how Supreme Restoration can clean up after a traumatic event has occurred, contact us or call us at  519.946.0363 today to speak to one of our professionals.