Mould in Your Home and Allergies


Spring is underway, and with that comes allergy season for many people. With airborne allergens increasing and people spending more time outside as the weather warms up, allergy symptoms become much more common. Factors that can aggravate your allergies aren’t limited to outdoor allergens, though – there are things inside the home that can affect your allergies as well, and mould is a common one. If you have mould in your home that are affecting your allergies, contact Supreme Services today. We offer fast, professional mould removal in Windsor and Essex County.

Windsor Mould Removal

If you or a member of your family suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, having the mould properly removed for good is important. With our expert Windsor mould removal services, we can remove the mould that’s already present in your home, and deal with the cause of the mould so it doesn’t come back. Mould is caused by excess moisture, and our team is trained to find and eliminate the source. 

We offer mould remediation services, waterproofing to prevent the formation of mould, water cleanup to stop any standing water from causing mould to grow, heavy duty dehumidification, and more.

Bringing up allergy symptoms is just one of the issues that having mould in your home presents. Aggravating asthma symptoms, discolouration, unpleasant odours, and more comes with it, making it something you want to have removed as soon as possible.

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