Experienced Flooding and Concerned About Mould?


Have you experienced flooding in your home? Flooding is a major concern for homes across Windsor and Essex County, with many people experiencing water getting into their basements each year. In addition to the water damage that can come with flooding, the moisture also creates the perfect environment for mould to grow in. If your home has experienced flooding and you are concerned about mould issues, contact Supreme Services today about mould removal services in Windsor and Essex County.

Windsor Mould Removal Services

Since mould grows where there is a great deal of moisture in one place for an extended period of time, flooding provides the perfect environment for mould growth to occur. At Supreme Services, our Windsor mould remediation experts can locate and remove the mould in your home, and help prevent it from coming back.

Flooding in areas that include materials that mould feeds off of, including drywall, wood, grout or wallpaper, can make the mould problem in your home worse, as can the optimal temperatures for mould to grow in of 18 to 28 degrees.  

If you’ve noticed a small amount of mould growth, dealing with the issue as soon as possible can help stop it from spreading any further. If you’ve noticed significant mould growth (10 square feet or more), you should speak with our Windsor mould removal specialists to get the problem dealt with before the mould spreads any further.

Learn More About Mould Removal in Windsor and Essex County

If you’ve dealt with flooding in your home and are concerned about mould growth, schedule a consultation with our mould removal experts or call us at (519) 946-0363 today. We proudly provide mould removal services in Windsor and across Essex County.