Mold Removal in Windsor after a Rainy Spring


Watching out for mold in your home is something you want to do throughout the year. Whether it’s after a heavy rainfall, after you’ve experienced basement flooding in your home or due to any other moisture source, you want to take whatever steps you can to prevent mold from forming and to remove any that does as soon as possible.

With the heavy amount of rain that Windsor and the surrounding areas received this past spring, dealing with excess moisture is even more of a concern than usual. The extra rain that our region has experienced so far in 2019 can lead to more water getting in to homes, more basement flooding and potentially, more mold. If the wet spring has started to lead to mold in your home, talk to Supreme Restoration about getting the problem taken care of before it spreads. 

Mold Removal in Windsor and Essex County

Having the mold you find removed early is the best way to stop it from becoming a larger problem. If you’re noticing larger patches of mold, or are noticing that the amount of mold is increasing, it’s time to get the help of the Windsor mold removal professionals at Supreme Restoration. 

There many different ways to recognize mold in your home. Mold can be recognized by discoloration on your walls or a musty, earthy smell. What signs of mold you may see can vary, but if you have the conditions that mold grows in, including water leaking in or high levels of humidity, getting a mold inspection in Windsor and the surrounding area from Supreme Restoration is a great way to find out if you have a mold problem in your home. 

Not sure if what you’re seeing in your home is mold? Get a free assessment from Supreme Restoration. Our mold removal professionals will inspect your home to determine if you do have a mold problem, and if so, let you know what your options are for Windsor mold abatement. 

If you suspect you have mold, it’s important to get it taken care of as soon as possible before the problem spreads. Contacting Supreme Restoration for mold removal in Windsor as soon as you discover the problem is a great way to stop the spread of mold in your home. We also have services available that can help prevent future mold growth, including basement waterproofing in Windsor to stop water from getting into your home during future rain storms. 

Learn More About Windsor Mold Removal

To learn more about how we can help you remove the mold from your home, and to schedule your free assessment, call Supreme Restoration today at (519) 946-0363, email us or visit us at 3203 Walker Rd. in Windsor. We offer a complete range of home restoration services including water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, basement waterproofing, asbestos removal, trauma scene cleanup and more. Let us help make your home or property safer and more livable.