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Family Friendly

We do not utilize harsh, polluting chemicals, and additionally, all of our products are pet-safe. Our products do not merely mask odours with fragrance or perfume cover-ups but neutralize microorganisms at their organic source. Odours are eliminated permanently and are safe around people & household pets.

Mould Odour

Mould is organic in nature, and our certified expert technicians can remove the source of the odour (the mould) as well as any surrounding affected surfaces, as well as the mould that is embedded in materials such as drywall that isn't necessarily visible at the surface.

Fire and Smoke Odour

Fire and smoke damage may leave behind strong odours, but our certified expert technicians have not only the proper equipment to treat the offending odour but the necessary training and experience to ensure that it is done right. When properly handled, many fire damaged homes and businesses can be restored after a fire to original (or better!) condition. We utilize air scrubbers and strong deodorizers that can penetrate everywhere the smoke has traveled, even tiny crevices. If necessary, we can additionally reconstruct any damaged areas surrounding the fire, including full reconstruction in the case of a total loss. We can handle disasters of any scope!

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We have a very simple policy - your satisfaction is guaranteed. Period. If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will rectify the problem and ensure that you are happy so you can live again.