Painting anything big or small is a messy job, and doing it right requires a serious time commitment. If you’re still putting up with smelly paint fumes and lengthy cleanup, there’s a better way. The following painting tips will change the way you paint… making it faster, easier, and cleaner than you probably thought possible.


Goodbye Paint Smells!

To avoid paint fumes, add 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract into your paint. Be sure to avoid adding it to incredibly light or subtle hues though.


Goodbye Paint Drips!

Before you start, wrap 2 rubber bands around the paint can so that they are positioned across the opening. After you dip your brush in, run the bristles across the bands to remove the extra paint.


Goodbye Long Cleanup!

Instead of wasting time trying to clear your paint trays, line the tray with aluminum foil before putting the paint in the tray. Be sure the wrap it around the edges so that the foil doesn’t pull up. After you’re done painting, remove the tin foil and throw away.


Goodbye Impossibly Sealed Paint Lids!

Ever had the pry a paint can open because the paint has sealed it shut? Here’s a DIY way to make that stop happening. Place plastic wrap around the opening and replace the lid as usual. Next time, you be glad you did.


Goodbye Colour Confusion!


Do you tend to use the same colour throughout your house, or have a large collection of paint? If you clearly label the lids it makes it much easier to grab the right colour in a jiffy. Add a touch of the paint to the lid and use a permanent marker to make a note as to which room it belongs in.