Try these room warming tips before turning on the central heat!


1.       Check for drafts.

If your windows have gaps or leaks, your warm air will leak to the outside, wasting your money and leaving you cold! It’s good practice to check all your windows and doors that open to the outside. You can use a draft detector or simply burn a stick of incense to check for unwanted air movement. 

Fix the gaps and your room will stay warmer! Doesn’t take long to plug the leaks around the windows and/or doors!


2.       Use Warmer Bedding.

It might be obvious, but definitely worth mentioning. When it gets colder, add more layers and swap out the sateen sheets for flannel. Top them off with a warm blanket or a down-filled comforter. 

You can also try an electric blanket or even an electric mattress pad. But be sure to follow the directions and never use them in a child’s room.


3.       Reverse the Ceiling fan.

In the summer, fans going counterclockwise create a cool breeze on hot, muggy nights. But once the winter months begin, it’s time to reverse the fan’s rotation to clockwise. Most fans have a switch on the fan base that sets the rotational direction. The fan’s blades will pull warmer air from the ceiling and push it lower into the room.


4.       Try a space heater.

Although sleep experts say that 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature for sound sleep – the bedroom might dip below that. Try using a space heater. Find one that is suitably sized for your room and place it far enough away from the bed so there’s no chance the bedding will come in contact with the device.

This is another no-no for your children’s bedroom.


5.       Wear socks and a hat.

If your significant other likes your room on the cool side, but you’re cold at night. Warm yourself up by slipping on thick socks before climbing between the sheets. You can even add a knit cap to keep your head warm. See? There was a reason behind all those old-time illustrations that show people wearing long pointed caps!


6.       Move your bed.

Although it’s not the case in every bedroom, try moving your bed away from the window. If you bed is normally positioned right under a window and your windows aren’t multi-paned (or even if they are, in the coldest weather) the glass will cool down during the night. This will cool down the air near the window as well.


7.       Get a thick area rug.

Hard flooring such as wood or laminate have tons of benefits – but warmth is not one of them. Buy yourself a thick, warm area rug to use during the cold months to help insulate your room. A faux sheepskin not only adds a hefty dose of style, it's the ultimate in warm coziness on your feet.


8.       Cover the windows!

As we discussed, the outside temperatures transfer through the glass. You can insulate your bedroom a bit by switching to heavier window coverings during the wintertime. Cover your blinds or use heavy, lined drapes.


9.       Use a hot water bottle.

Yes, it’s old school – but if you slip a hot-water bottle under the sheets when it’s time for bed, your feet will appreciate the warmth. If you’re more high-tech, you can get a heated mattress pad that will do the same thing.