1.       Utensils.

It’s fairly common to have a jar beside your stove with all your utensils. But what if you went the extra mile and created different jars for each type of utensils – tongs, spatulas, serving spoons, etc. Gone are the days where you’re in a rush, digging through trying to find the right utensil.

2.       Stack the snacks.

Do you have multiple boxes of snacks that the kids dig through, often abandoning empty boxes in the cupboard? Save space and make the snacks easy to access by using tiered baskets.

3.       Use Risers.

Risers give your cabinets double the surface space and can be used to store dishes, food containers and even cleaning supplies!

4.       Utilize the Drawers.

No one likes going through that drawer full of storage lids and containers when there’s no organizational system. You can purchase organizers such as this one, that comes with adjustable dividers.

5.       A System for those Measuring Tools.

Digging through a drawer full of measuring cups and spoons in search for that specific one you need. Use a cork board to hang on the door of your baking cabinet where you can hang the spoons and cups up in order from largest to smallest.

6.       Dollar Store to the rescue!

The dollar store has dozens of adorable but effective containers for your seasonings, baking needs, and other food items. Not only will your cupboard look nicer, but if you purchase clear containers, you’ll be able to see when you’re running low.

7.       Lazy Susan.

Gone are the days where you have to dig past the black beans to find that can of soup. Add a few Lazy Susan’s to your pantry and preparing for taco night will become a breeze!

8.       Shower Caddy’s aren’t just for bathrooms.

A command hook in your kitchen with a shower caddy will keep your fresh produce where you will see it and remember to use it before it goes bad. No one likes finding that pepper that sat for a little too long.

9.       Try a Towel Holder.

Install a Towel Holder to the side of your counter to help store those bulky pots and pans in an easy to access way. You can also use command hooks.