Asbestos fibers found in building materials - such as popcorn ceiling - cannot be seen with the naked eye. You can’t do these tests, as they require expensive microscopes and specialized experience to both prepare samples and identify fibers. The only way to find out a product contains asbestos for certain is to have it tested by a professional company. Companies – like us - will be able to take a sample of the product and send it to a certified lab for analysis.

Remember - Dealing with any amount of Asbestos should be handled by a Certified Professional as it is toxic and dangerous!

It is important to note that if you live in a house or apartment complex build before the mid-1980s, the popcorn ceiling in your home is very likely to have asbestos. The use of asbestos as a spray on ceiling treatment was very popular until 1979 when it was banned. Nonetheless, manufacturers were allowed to use up their stocks after the ban, so these toxic fibers might be present in popcorn ceiling produced after this year.

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