As a home owner with no experience in renovating, is doing the home renovations on your own worth it when it comes to the potential risk of doing it wrong and all the stress?

The answer is…. It depends.

There are risks of doing home renovations on your own. Not just physical risks such as electricity, using power tools or using tall ladders, but also the risk of spending more than you would have if you had someone do it for you!

It’s safe to say that you will take longer than a professional will have and you’re probably going to make some mistakes. Those mistakes are likely to cause you to have to purchase (or repurchase) materials to fix those mistakes. But worst-case scenario is that you make a big enough mistake that you need to bring in a professional anyways.

Before you consider doing any renovation, be sure to be critical and honest about your level of expertise. This is critical to ensure you don’t get hurt or get in over your head. If you don’t know anything about it but still want to attempt it on your own, be sure to take some time to learn. YouTube or other educational sites such as Udemy can be a great resource!

Here’s some things you can try doing!

·         Any kind of painting or wall repair.

·         Basic plumbing work such as installing a new sink or toilet.

·         “Floating” laminate floor installations.

·         Any work that requires you to replace an existing feature (ie. counters, cabinets, tile, or trim).

·         Installing new light fixtures.

There’s some things you’d be better off not trying at home.

·         Replacing your roof or installing new gutters. (not because you could really screw this up – which you can – but because it can be incredibly dangerous).

·         Any work that adds a new feature to your house – such as a center island or a new window. These types of jobs require careful measurement and cutting that can be very difficult to get right.

Be sure to check with your municipality before doing any big renovations. There might be a building permit that you will need to have, and you might have to bring parts of the home “up to code” before you can begin. Be sure to check the laws as well… some things are illegal to do yourself (ie. some types of plumbing and electrical jobs).

Everyone’s different and has different knowledge and experience. So if you decide to do your home renovations on your own, be sure to do so with your eyes wide open!