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A healthy Environment for Our Schools

Provide a clean and safe environment for students and children with The Aegis Microbe Shield Treatment Program. Recommended for application in daycares and schools, Aegis Microbe Shield Treatment Program eliminates odour-causing bacteria and protects surfaces against deterioration and discolouration. 50% of students reportedly do not wash their hands regularly. The Aegis Microbe Shield Treatment Program reduces the risk of contracting MRSA, H1N1, SARS, Hepatitis, the Avian Flu and the common could and flu viruses that are spread through high touch surfaces.

Application Sites

  • High-Touch Areas
  • Desks
  • Entry/Exit Doors
  • Air Filters and Vents
  • Washrooms
  • Toys and play areas
  • Key Boards
  • Cafeteria and vending machines
Registered by Health Canada, the Aegis Microbe Shield Treatment Program can:
  • Reduce the sharing of daycare germs from high touch surfaces.
  • Provide and environment with increased protection for children and contribute to decreased absenteeism due to the commons cold.
  • Reinforce your school or daycare's commitment to provide a high quality and safer environment.
  • Increase cost efficiency and reduce environment impact.
  • Minimize exposure to allergens and toxins, while decreasing the risk of infection.

Creating healthier and safer environments.

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